Logo design inspiration

Before starting a new logo design it is a critical factor to find the right logo design inspiration. Each designer is daily searching for the best sources of inspiration to use on their own projects. Finding the right inspiration always allows to create a logo design of great impact and quality. Each artist is inspired by the world around him and by the work of other artists. The same happens for logo design inspiration. If you take inspiration from the best, you will become better too. Starting from a blank sheet of paper, without any idea in mind is so difficult and often leads to failure. Instead starting from logo design inspiration allows you to have a different path. You will reach faster creation and you’ll increase of the work quality since you keep as reference a quality logo design. Also you’ll be compliant with the principles and the most important rules of logo creation because these rules have been complied with by designers you are inspiring to. Obviously it is essential to take inspiration from logos carefully selected, of high quality, so that the derivate work will have the same quality.After putting aside the right logo design inspiration you will then go to create your own. At this stage it is crucial to design a logo that meets certain characteristics. Here are a few to keep in mind.

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Here are the super easy rules to keep in mind when designing a new logo:


Take inspiration does not mean (NEVER) copy . The logo should be unique and never seen before by anyone. Therefore you must be able to measure out the inspiration, but always with the goal of creating a unique concept.


A perfect logo design should be easy to remember. Show it to someone and ask them after a few hours (or days) to describe or draw It. If it has been memorized by your tester It means that you have reached this important goal. 


A professional logo must also be easily adapted. It should be possible to decline it in one color to print on various media and zoom out without ever losing its communicative effectiveness.

Clean and Clear

Keep It simple is the watchword when designing a logo. The more you will be clear when drawing the lines of the logo and the more clear will be the message you want to communicate