Website design inspiration

Finding the right inspiration for a web designer is a key factor for the success of a new design project. The very first phase of a new project is the research of the best website design inspiration. This phase can last many hours (and sometimes days) because web designers often do not conduct their own research in the right direction. It is also a phase that can generate a lot of stress. Often you reach the end of a day having passed hundreds of website design inspiration trying to find the right one and having produced little or nothing. The feeling at the end of the day is really bad. There’s nothing worse than a web designer that feel unproductive. But you have to hold on in order to complete a job. Furthermore, stress is amplified by the pressure of short time to the work delivery (as always happen) while the research of website design inspiration can be a very long operation. For these reasons you often throw in the sponge trying to create a decent proposal to meet deadlines and to deliver “something” to your client. But for a good designer (with a sense of responsibility) this is something unsatisfactory.
Then it is essential to have method to succeed and create a great design. A web designer is an artist but must also tackle a project with scientific method especially the research of website design inspiration.Every website consists of many elements. The menu, the slider, the icons to represent the company’s services and many other components. Engage the best of these modules and creating a consistent graphic style is the more difficult work for a web designer. That’s why it is necessary to look for the best website design inspiration and be able to use them to the fullest.

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Here’s a technique that can help and that is used by many web designers.

  • Start from some screenshot

    You can start doing some screenshots of the home pages of the sites that you prefer and then put them aside. Later you can scroll through all of them and create a unique derived concept that captures the best from each inspiration. In this way you will create a “super website design” that blends the best website design inspiration in a single layout!

  • Take one hour for your website design inspiration

    You have to start capturing a lot of material , everything that struck at a first glance. You don’t need to take a long time! One hour is more than enough (obviously starting from a very rich collection of website design inspiration). It could be also better if you start from already filtered inspiration by the corporate category of website you are going to create . In this way you will be able to finish your research even in less than an hour.

  • Take note of the best elements

    Every time you catch a website design inspiration write down a note about the element you like on that inspiration (nice slider , excellent sidebar etc …)

  • Create a Mockup

    Once you have gathered all the inspiration you must make a first selection. If the collection is 20 screenshots should be halved , keeping the best 10 . Once you make this selection, you can begin to assemble your own layout . You first need to decide the structure of the page . You can start to create a mockup on photoshop of the desired structure.

  • Assemble a collage

    Having decided on the structure you can begin to assemble a collage of all the best inspirations for the various parts of the page . You can start to place the best menu found , the best slider and so on. This is the most delicate operation because it is from this moment that the new website layout begins to take new life.

  • Define your style

    Once this collage is finished you have to start using photoshop to create the real website layout . On this step It is important to start creating a page with a unique style. Choose colors carefully , define what will be the style of the page ( shadows, effects etc …) and begins to create and make everything consistent. At this stage you may also be useful to use free psd elements (such as the menu) and customize them to your liking, making them related with the initial inspiration but adapted to your style.

  • Take your time and improve

    After you have assembled everything you have gained your first proposal. Since you took a little time if you have been methodical you will also have the chance to put the proposal aside and analyzing it after a few hours (or the next day ). In this way you’ll keep a cool head, you will be more critical and you can still improve your layout.